TurboTapThe TurboTap is a patented retrofit draft beer-dispensing device made from high-grade stainless steel that slips over the end of a standard U.S. beer faucet. It is held in place with two “O” rings, and on some models, secured by two set screws. The standard TurboTap comes in three sizes to fit various draft beer tower configurations and glass configurations.


Due to its advanced design, the TurboTap uses fluid dynamics principles to modify the natural flow of beer coming out of the faucet in such a way that flow turbulence is minimized and, in conjunction with the bottom-of-the-glass fill method, the foam collar is consistently a perfect ½” to 1” thick.


These factors result in a fill rate that can consistently beat 4 seconds per pint, minimizing waste and pouring a consistently good-looking, good-tasting, beer.

Bar Rescue 1
Maurice Alcee and John Taffer

Bar Rescue 2
Bill Berry, John Taffer, and Paul Bynum