Fruit Fly Bar ProGot Fruit Flies?
Or Usually Get ‘em?

Don’t worry, Beverage Control has you covered.
We now carry the only product in creation that completely eliminates these nasty infestations.

  • No, it’s not fly paper
  • No, it’s not a fly trap
  • No, it’s not another spray or repellent
  • YES, it will eliminate your infestation in under 24 hours and continue to protect around the clock for up to 4 months!

Also Eliminates Cockroaches, Spiders & Moths!
Fruit Fly BarPro has been tested and proven to be 100% effective across the country and is approved by the EPA. This incredible product is consumer friendly (do it yourself), safe, odorless and works for up to 4 months.
Watch it work!


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