Mug Frosters

MF36-BGlastender Mug Frosters are designed with quality and innovation in mind:

  • The high capacity refrigeration system with manual and automatic defrost timers has an operating range from 0°F to 35°F
  • The exclusive one-piece top creates an incredibly sturdy cabinet that will not allow the mullion to cave in, nor the doors to sag and bind
  • The logical cabinet lengths and depth, along with the smooth, flush sides, allow these units to mate up well with Glastender underbar equipment
  • The optional shelves are split for easy rotation of glassware

Mug Frosters are available in 24", 36", and 48" long cabinets. The interior is all stainless steel and the exterior finish is black vinyl-clad steel, stainless steel front and sides, or all stainless steel.